Divine Word School (DWS), Roing, is managed by dedicated and highly qualified and highly experienced fathers, sisters and teachers.

DWS is affiliated to Centeral Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi, the affiliation number is 2230075. DWS provides safe and happy style of interaction in a very positive manner.


1. Divine Word School aims at all-round development – academic physical, moral and cultural – of the students in order to make them mature and responsible citizens who will be ready to take their rightful place in the society.

2. The aim of the institution is to impact a sound education by cultivating habits of piety, virtue and discipline while the students go through their studies.

3. Special attention is given to discipline and character formation by means of religious and moral institutions.

4. Keeping the Christian character of the school, only those religious services approved by the Catholic Church are permitted in the School Campus.


1. Intellectual and cognitive skills through creative and well-organised academic programme and co-curricular activities.

2. Health and physical fitness through games, sports and exercises.

3. Emotional and psychological maturity through extracurricular activities and counselling.

4. Social sensitivity and leadership through group dynamics and exposure programs.

5. Moral and spiritual growth through value education and religious activities.

We maintain exemplary discipline, outstanding academic performance and excellence in co-curricular and extra curricular activities. 


The most important of DWS is the ‘humane’ aspect of schooling experience. The Divine Word Missionaries  build a sense of achievements in every child through appreciation and by creating a stimulating educational environment.

DWS has the facility for boarding for poor boys and girls.